Why Chainformation?

Go from clutter to clarity

We know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything from individual staff members to the general uniformity of performance within your franchise network. That’s why we created Chainformation, a platform designed to make it easy to collaborate, enforce procedures, and equip your franchise with relevant and critical know-how.

Before Chainformation

  • Paper-based manuals and checklists, floods of email and countless chat apps and social media.
  • Inconsistent customer experience and service.
  • Deviations to operational standards are not discovered right away, and thus might grow into a larger issue.

After Chainformation

  • A single, unified platform for your entire network.
  • Consistent high quality customer experience thanks to digital tools that ensure performance uniformity across all networks.
  • Comprehensive reports are created in real-time so that action can be taken before a minor issue turns into a big problem.

Industry specifik solution

Chainformation is easily adapted to your unique needs – no matter the size of your franchise network, what industry you work in or which processes and routines you follow.

Restaurants & cafés

Your guests expect impeccable service from knowledgeable staff, and they want a clean, comfortable and safe environment. The challenge lies in ensuring that they have a consistent experience across all restaurants, regardless of whether you have five or 500 units. Chainformation is the solution. Digital tools help your staff handle all recurring routines and to-dos, and any deviations are detected in real-time.


Customer expectations come into play at multiple levels. There are some obvious examples including assortment and range, in-store availability, in-store experience, e-store experience, deliveries and, of course, customer service. The difficulty lies in ensuring that customers are met by the same experience in all stores. That’s where Chainformation comes in, with its effective tools you are able to control quality in daily routines across all stores and channels.


Your ability to communicate, react to and synchronize operational standards, procedures and routines across all franchise staff is a critical success factor. With a digital platform like Chainformation, your brand’s collective know-how, standards and best practices can be easily made available to staff based on a need-to-know basis, governed by their role/function and job description.


Quality control is always central to network cohesion, and not just during a pandemic. This means ensuring that all equipment is clean, safe and working properly, that showers and locker rooms are routinely cleaned and sanitized, that coolers are stocked up and that towel/waste baskets are emptied regularly. With Chainformation, a digital app-based tool for tasks and checklists, staff can easily be guided to perform daily location walk-throughs, examining and verifying that all equipment is okay and that locations are safe and tidy.

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