Why Chainformation?

Go from clutter to clarity and synchronize your franchise

At Chainformation, we are firm believers that successful franchise operations require effective internal communication, efficient processes, and a clear and consistent brand image. Our Franchise Operations Platform offers a comprehensive solution for these challenges, allowing brand owners to exponentially increase their ability to synchronize customer experience with brand promises across all locations.

Our software platform offers a wide range of features, all uniquely developed for the requirements in fast growing multi-site businesses. It gives your management team the power to manage every aspect of operations, from on-boarding and S.O.P compliance to campaign implementation and role based permission levels, without increasing head count.

Chainformation, for 20+ years a trusted partner for many successful franchises, providing the technology and expertise needed to grow and succeed in competitive markets. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of franchising which you won’t find with other suppliers. 

Whether you are a new franchisor just getting started or an established brand looking to optimize your operations across multiple markets, Chainformation will help you save time and resources, minimize confusion and mistakes, and guarantee optimal operations in your network.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your franchise reach its full potential.

Before Chainformation

  • Paper-based manuals and checklists, floods of email and countless chat apps and social media channels.
  • Lack of accountability and coordination among staff members, resulting in missed tasks and errors .
  • Deviations to operational standards are not discovered right away, and thus might grow into a larger issue.

After Chainformation

  • A single, unified platform for your entire network.
  • Improved collaboration and real-time monitoring, enabling better accountability and coordination among staff members.
  • Comprehensive reports created in real-time so corrective actions can be taken sooner rather later – or never!

Industry specific solutions

With its flexibility and versatility, the Chainformation platform can be tailored to meet the needs of any business, making it an ideal choice for streamlining operations and improving efficiency across a range of industries. 
Below we have sampled some of the more common industries with our customers. 

Restaurant, F&B 

As a manager of a multi-site restaurant franchise, you know that delivering a consistent and exceptional guest experience is critical to the success of your business. Your guests expect great service, a clean and comfortable environment, and, above all, safe and delicious food. But ensuring that every location delivers this level of quality can be a daunting task, especially when you have multiple restaurants to manage.


Managing physical retail stores, you know that the competition is fierce, and only the best-in-class brands can rise to the top. These brands share a common ability to meet and exceed customer expectations, with exceptional in-store experiences, top-notch visual merchandising, and, of course, outstanding customer service. But with geographically dispersed stores, ensuring that customers receive the same high standards across all locations can be a challenge. Chainformation with its suite of effective tools will help bridge the gap and raise operational quality by securing adherence to set routines across all stores.


Hair salons, car service or physical therapists – your ability to communicate and synchronize operational standards, procedures and routines to all franchisees and staff is a critical success factor. With a digital platform like Chainformation, your brand’s collective know-how, standards and best practices can be easily disseminated to staff based on a need-to-know basis, governed by their role/function and job description.


Quality control is always central to network and Brand cohesion. It’s vital ensuring that all equipment is clean, safe and working properly, that showers and locker rooms are routinely cleaned and sanitized, that coolers are stocked up and that towel/waste baskets are emptied regularly. With Chainformation, a digital app-based tool for tasks and checklists, staff can easily be guided to perform daily location walk-throughs, examining and verifying that all equipment is okay and that locations are safe and tidy.

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