Empowering Multi-Location Retail Brands to Meet Customer Expectations

A comprehensive solution for retail brands to provide franchisees and staff with the tools they need to meet and exceed customer expectations, regardless of the sales channel.

Key Questions for Maintaining Operational Excellence

To ensure the highest level of service and brand consistency, consider the following questions:

  1. Are daily opening and closing routines performed in accordance with our SOPs?
  2. Are campaigns and marketing efforts implemented and verified at the store level?
  3. How are in-store deviations identified, reported, and fixed?
  4. What support is available for staff who are new on the job?

Addressing the Challenges of Geographically Dispersed Stores

Managing a network of geographically dispersed stores, especially those operated by independent franchisees, can be complex. As franchises expand, it becomes increasingly difficult for the central organization to physically visit all units regularly.

Many brands resort to sending electronic instructions, guidelines, and theoretical support, hoping that staff will adhere to the standards. However, this approach can lead to a decline in performance, which may go unnoticed until it negatively impacts sales or customer satisfaction.

Digital Solutions for Supporting and Monitoring Daily Routines

To ensure all employees understand and work according to brand and operational standards, adopt scalable and secure tools and methods.
Introducing the Chainformation platform – the solution to these challenges regardless if you have three or three thousand stores. 

All-In-One Platform for Retail Operations

The Chainformation platform provides access to:

  • Routine descriptions
  • Training videos
  • Operation manuals
  • Supplier agreements
  • Tasks
  • Marketing materials
  • Digital checklists
  • Templates
  • …and more!

Featuring role-based permissions, multiple languages, and 24/7 access via any computer or mobile device, the platform delivers information when and where it’s needed. Built-in digital checklists and task management systems allow staff to handle recurring routines and tasks efficiently, eliminating the need for paper or excessive emails.

Easily manage opening/closing routines, campaign implementation, cleaning routines, and more. Reports and deviations are automatically sent to both central and store managers, ensuring nothing is forgotten or overlooked. Maintain consistent routines and checklists with local and central follow-up.

Discover the Chainformation Advantage

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