EUR / USD 52 per month

Everything you need to ensure that important routines are carried out at every unit – for a fixed price.

Monthly cost per operating unit (site, shop, rest. etc.) incl. 20 users/unit S *

Installation + on-boarding: EUR/USD 750.00 (one-time cost for the entire platform)


* License SMALL (S-XXL)

No hidden fees

Includes all features

Free admin support

Volume discounts

Onboarding and start-up support

We ensure that you have the best possible start and receive basic training and effective start-up help. Together we set up and tweak all functions according to your needs. No technical skills required, everything is easily handled with the built-in tools and settings. You have full access to our library of How-to videos and to further help you along the way, 3×1.5h online workshops are included to make sure that you get everything adapted for your particular business. Most customers are up and running and fully operational within three to four weeks.

All modules are included

Your subscription includes all available modules and features and you automatically get access to any new functions and improvements. No hidden costs or strange fees. You can access Chainformation directly through the browser on all smartphones, tablets and computers. It also includes apps for both Apple and Android, which means that your staff can receive push notifications as soon as there are any updates, messages or news shared on the platform.