The importance of customer experience

There are dozens of things that can go wrong every day, so implementing and maintaining a quality control initiative will provide franchisees with the tools they need to drive superior customer experience across all locations. 

Beyond customer satisfaction, this can also prevent injuries, eliminate costly repairs and even stop lawsuits. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that new situations can evolve quickly and that a synchronized response and cohesive actions are paramount. Those brands not showing customers and members that they’re on top of these issues will find themselves in trouble. 

Geographically dispersed gyms

Managing a network of gym, yoga or fitness centers requires staying tuned into many different aspects of business. Making sure your franchisees can run local operations according to brand standards and deliver a consistent customer experience should be at the top of your list of priorities, whether you have five or 5,000 sites. 

It’s not rocket science, but as a franchisor, I’m sure you know that implementing standards across the network can sometimes feel like it. You most likely also have a myriad of other recurring routines to think about, but how do you make sure that they’re carried out according to brand standards? 

    Digital tools for support and quality control of daily routines

    There should be standard operating procedures, manuals and checklists. You probably have them in place already, but how smooth are paper-based lists and torrents of emails and Excel files in daily operations? This is where Chainformation comes in.

    Checklists can be scheduled to automatically notify staff at set time intervals. Any checkpoint that’s not up to standard can be set as NOT OK and a photo can be added. A deviation report will automatically be generated and the proper management will be notified for action. Franchisor HQ can access full, network-wide insights and reports in real time.

    For even better guidance and control, QR-codes can be used to ensure all areas are checked in the right sequence with a mandatory scan. To further support staff on-the-job, links to relevant sections in operations manuals are directly available from the digital checklist. There are no delays and everything is fully traceable and logged.

    Everything available in one place

    • Routine descriptions
    • Training videos
    • Equipment instructions
    • Class instructions 
    • Operation manuals
    • Supplier agreements
    • Tasks
    • Marketing materials
    • Digital checklists
    • Templates
    • …and more!

    This is all handled digitally in the Chainformation platform. With role-based permissions, multiple languages and 24/7 access via any computer or mobile device, information is available when and where it’s needed. Built-in digital checklists and task management systems provide staff with efficient tools to handle all recurring routines and to-dos without paper or dozens of emails.

    Read more about the different features and functions of the platform.

    Customer case 

    For Nr1 Fitness, to run local operations according to brand standards is at the top of their list of priorities. With Chainformation they are able to achieve that and as a result perform better across all gyms within the franchise network.

    Read the full customer story here.

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