Form builder

With the integrated form builder module, you can create internal online forms and push them through the Chainformation platform to selected groups or individuals via desktop or mobile apps. Get emails for each response and/or view results in the integrated live report. Eliminate back-and-forth emails and long Excel files by assigning an online form to everyone, to selected stores or to specified teams or individual members.

Easily create interactive forms by adding questions and answer sections with a few clicks.  Move questions around and see the results of your changes right away. A form consists of one or more fields with different types of input where answers are collected directly in the system’s database. Example input fields include text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons. You can build an unlimited number of forms with an unlimited number of questions.

These are some typical tasks that can be automated and solved with forms:

  • Internal surveys and questionnaires
  • Invitations to events, training sessions, etc.
  • Error and deviation reports on equipment, deliveries, etc.
  • Support requests
  • Campaign monitoring and evaluation
  • Fire checks and other safety routines
  • Staff onboarding and knowledge tests
  • Applications

Assign forms to selected teams, roles or units/sites. With individual sign-in, recipients can easily view, edit and send submissions from any device, as well as receiving push notifications for any updates. You’ll even be able to track assignee activity and send reminders so you can stay in control of those who haven’t answered.

Conditional logic – make your forms smarter

  • Do your forms need to do more than simply collect the same information from all users?
  • Do you need different content to be presented based on user preferences or needs?
  • Do you need different end pages  based on how they fill out the form?

Conditional logic is the solution for building smart, dynamic, interactive forms. It allows you to configure the form to show or hide form fields/questions based on user selections. You can also control what information the user is asked for and tailor the form on the fly so it’s more specific to their needs.

All form responses are collected in the Chainformation database and can be viewed via the report module. You can also set it up so that incoming replies are sent by e-mail to different recipients, even externally outside your organization.

The built-in reports show all the answers you’ve received so far, along with who answered, how they answered and who’s yet to respond, so that you can push out reminders with one click. Forms can also be time-controlled and can handle multiple languages and countries.

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