Digital checklists

Activities that checklists can support and simplify

We offer digital checklists that are completely customizable for your franchise, from the top level of the bussiness down to a local unit. Here are some examples.


Daily opening and closing routines


Cleaning checks


Control of exposure and merchandising


Fire safety and security rounds


Activities to perform before a campaign


Weekly, monthly or quarterly routines

Ensure that routine tasks are actually completed

With digital checklists, you can maintain a consistent high quality by ensuring that critical operating routines are implemented, checked and monitored. For your employees, checklists will provide support and guidance when it comes to what they need to do and how and when they need to do it. Digital checklists can be created for all types of activities, and you can set which role or function is responsible for completing them. Checklists can even be created on a recurring schedule so you can control when and how frequently the checklist will be activated. Checklists can be created by central management and shared to all local stores or restaurants. Alternatively, you can create templates which local units can customize and take ownership of. Checklists can also be displayed in different languages depending on which country they’re shared to.


Comprehensive reports provide management with information and feedback on deviations or checklists that have not been completed in time. The reports are created in real-time so that you can take action before a minor issue turns into a big problem. You can control access to reports and different levels of detail by specifying access rights.

To work with a checklist

As soon as a new checklist is activated, the responsible employees will be notified. Employees fill out their checklist by entering “OK” or “Not OK” for every checkpoint, and they can do this via a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer. They can write comments and attach photos or videos with further information or as proof that the assignment has been completed. Every completed checkpoint is saved with the employee’s name and user ID. Different users can complete different checkpoints in the same checklist. Each checkpoint can also be linked to support information – such as the operations manual, training materials or other documentation – to ensure that processes are being followed correctly. This can offer support and guidance to new hires so that they safely perform all checkpoints in accordance with your company’s guidelines.