Our customers

Read our customer stories to get a more in-depth understanding of how Chainformation has change the daily rutines and operations for our customers. This might help understand how Chainformation make you franchise the best it can be. You can also find more tailored information to your business industry with the links bellow.

We’ve Got You Covered

Wayne's Coffee

As a fast growing international chain, Wayne’s Coffee needed to find a way to spread internal news quickly and efficiently Wayne’s Coffee was founded in 1994 and has since grown to become one of Sweden’s largest café chains, with 125 locations in Sweden and around the world.


The merger of two brands to become the Nordic region’s largest member-owned chain required clear internal communication, transparency and continuity. The Colorama chain was formed in early 2007 after the merger of national voluntary chains, Spektrum and Färgtema.

TOTT Hotels

Expansion with a franchise model increased the need for internal control and follow-up. Tott Hotels is a well-known Swedish hotel concept that decided to adopt a franchise model for growth. They operate hotels with unique locations and a personal character. Hotels that join the franchise, benefits from Brand power and network synergies.


N3zones is a fast-growing service franchise which was looking to strengthen its position as a market-leading supplier of anti-dirt/moisture systems in the Nordic regions N3zones was founded in 1995 in Rud, Norway and now has franchisees in both Sweden and Norway.

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