Changing the way you manage a Franchise in the digital age!

Boost operations across the network with a smarter compliance and support platform.

We have the experience from more than 20+ years and hundreds of projects at your disposal to get it right.

Since 2001 Chainformation has been developing industry specific franchise management software and intranets, giving us an unprecedented experience for you and your Brand to tap into.

We believe that for a multi site network or franchise to be successful over time, it needs to constantly improve its performance by supporting local operators to run their business as close to Brand Standards as possible. Effective communication and internal knowledge-sharing are critical components if you want to make these improvements a reality. And yet there was nothing on the market to make this communication a reality.

That’s why the Chainformation platform was born, and we designed it from the ground up to fit the unique needs and complexities of franchises and other multi site businesses in our connected, complicated and fast paced modern world.

We’re proud to have helped many leading franchise brands to scale growth, become significantly more efficient at sharing knowledge, enforcing compliance and fostering a culture of collaboration. Today, our clients have units and users all over the world.

What we do best.


We don’t leave you hanging. Real people are here to guide and support you all the way.


We excel at optimizing our services so you can stay on top of your own game.


Creating new ways to operate and automize, making routines and management work a breeze.

Brands of all sizes rely on us

We’re here to help you succeed, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We understand that the success of your franchise is crucial, and we’re dedicated to providing the support and tools you need to make it happen. That’s why we put such a strong emphasis on performance and feedback. By listening to our customers, we can continously improve our products and services.

Fluent internal (between franchisee and his employees) and external (between us and our franchisees) communication has always been very important for us, and now when we have 150+ Units over 3 different brands in Social Eatertainment Group portfolio this aspect is having even greater significance.

We have been using Chainformation platform since 2003, but this platform is so much more than just a communication channel. It also helps us to simplify and streamline daily operations at our venues, become more efficient in operational support and quality assurance within our brands.

With such functions as digital manuals, checklists and statistics reports we can be sure that everyone in our chains get all vital information, follow established routines and protocols. Moreover, it helps us to drive operational compliance and staff engagement.

Project & Operations Support Manager

We needed an intelligent software platform that facilitated daily communication and could guide and educate our organization about our brand concept.

Anders Lundblad
Marketing Director

The number one advantage has been that now they can read the newsletter on their smartphones.

Anneli Ågren Östlund
Marketing Director