Making Multi-Location Management Simpler in the Digital Age

Upgrade how you run your business with our platform that makes following rules and getting support easier.

We bring over 20 years of experience and hundreds of successful projects to help you succeed.

Chainformation has been creating specialized software since 2001, designed just for businesses like yours.

We think a business with many locations needs to keep getting better to succeed. This means helping each location run smoothly and stick to the brand’s main goals. Sharing information and talking effectively are key to this. Before, there wasn’t a good way to do this, so we made Chainformation.

Our platform is made just for businesses with many locations, understanding the unique challenges they face today. We’re happy to have helped big brands grow, share knowledge more easily, follow rules, and work together better. Now, we have clients all over the world

Here to Support You

Real Help

Our team is always ready to assist and guide you.

Always Improving

We work hard to make our services better, so you're always getting the best.

Smart Solutions

We make running your business easier with automated tools and systems.

Trusted by Many Brands

We take your success seriously because we know how important your business is. We’re here to give you the tools and support you need. By listening to what you say, we make our products and services better.

“One big plus is now everyone can read our updates easily on their phones.”

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